$100 Gratis dari PayPal WishList di Facebook, Mau?

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Ya, lagi-lagi Facebook, sebagai situs jaring pertemanan terbesar saat ini menjadi ajang promosi bagi para perusahaan yang ingin meraup untung lebih. PayPal Inc yang dikenal sebagai money bill online pun tak luput memanfaatkan Facebook sebagai jalan promosi produk barunya. PayPal Wishlist adalah produk baru PayPal untuk menjual barang-barang secara online.

Pendapatan maksimal yang bisa diperoleh dari PP WL adalah $100. Jadi kita bisa merekomendasikan 99 teman kita untuk mendapatkan $100. Caranya gimana?

1. Join PayPal WishList ( Lo Harus Login FB dolo sblum klik link ini )

buat join cukup klik link ini aja... lo bakal langsung di arahin ke situs app paypal wishlist....

2. Buat WishList Anda Dan Setelah Itu Klik Share.........

3. Invite Your Friend ( Buat Dapet Nambah $1 / org )

4. Done


* w dah dapet 5 dollar. Promo ini bakal di abis pada tanggal 31 Desember 2009.
Ayo gabung segera.......

Caranya Langsung Klik link App PP WL ini >>>>

Truss Tinggal Klik "Allow" Mudah bukan???
Ayo Gabungg......

Paendaftaran Pertama Lo Bakal Dapet Bonuss $1............. Ayo Gabung BAreng w.....

Cara Dapatkan Laptop Gratis Dengan Mengumpulkan Credit AJa......

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Satu lagi informasi buat sobat sekalian yang kepingen memiliki laptop Sony Vaio NS Series atau laptop MacBook Pro 15.4″.. sobat dapat memilikinya dengan gratis, gak ada salahnya dicoba.. caranya mendapatkannya cukup mudah, jika sobat tertarik silahkan sobat ikuti tips trik berikut ini..

Pertama sobat bergabung menjadi member di situs ini. situs pemasaran penjualan laptop online internasional, dan saat ini sedang melakukan promo laptop gratis kepada para membernya, cara mendapatkanya cukup unik, cuma baca e-mail dapat laptop.

kita harus kumpulin credit dengan baca e-mail, setiap kita baca dan klik linknya, jumlah credit pun bertambah. begitu seterusnya sampai target credit kita terpenuhi. Jika e-mailnya sudah dibaca langsung aja dihapus biar e-mail yang baru bisa masuk, karena inbox member kita cuma bisa menampung 8 e-mail.

Yup,.. mudahkan,..tunggu apa lagi,.. join bersama saya disini. Bonus pendaftaran dapat 5 credit.

Ok Sob.. Selamat Mencoba, Join disini salam action!

nih.. withdraw creditnya....

Intel 2.2Ghz Duo Core 2 with 4GB RAM, Windows 7 64-bit 195 credits To get this prize you need to earn 189 credits.

4 Game Hape Update 16 Nov 2009

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KALI INI.... W KASIH GAME TERBARU>>>>>nih game hape baru-baru yang dunia-fun.co.cc bakal share ke lo semua....
mudahan aje anda semua seneng dan mau balik lagi buat mampir ke blog ini.... amin.
langsung ja... check this out.....

Game Pertama Yang Bakal W Kasih adalah....
1. 3D Diamond Fever (240x320)
Buat lo semua yang mau coba game ini silakan download di sini.....

Game Ke dua yang bakal w share tuh.....
2. Captain Galactic - Super Space Hero (240x320)

Kalau Lo semua pada mau download langsung ja klik di sini.........

Game ke tiga yang bakal w kasih cuma-cuma2 yaitu....>>>>>
3. Superstar Diving (240x320)
Kalau Lo semua pada mau download.... klik aja di sini....

Game ke empat yang mau w kasih tuh....?>>>>>
4. Swine Foo Fighting (240x320)
Kalau Mau download Langsung Ja klik Di sini........

w saranin sebaiknya lo download dari PC aja coz kalu dari hp lama ntar. hahaha
thanks for visited...
enjoy with dunia-fun.co.cc >>>>>>>>>>>>

** tips pas download d uploaded.to jangankeluar dulu.. tuh lagi respon. ok!!!

Street Soccer Evolved (240x320)

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This Game for Handphone with resolution 240x320 .........
this game very amazing........
you can download by click here>>>>>

Islands Missile Invasion

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For Motorola E1000 (and others) The smaller (240x300) screen size is the ACTUAL screen size of the game meant for the specified phone. The slightly bigger (240x320) screen size is the screen size the specified phone is being distributed to have by the phones manufacturer. If You are missing the lower part of the game when using "240x320" games then give this one a try.

For Download Click Here........

Headgun (240x320)

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Mobile Game

Download Headgun (240x320) Mobile Game by wde_1978 to your cell phone or PC for free.

click here to download.......

Ben 10 Alien Force - Break In And Bust Out (240x320) & TMNT The Shredder Reborn

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Description: "The evil Highbreed aliens have captured Ben Tennyson’s cousin, Gwen, and imprisoned her in a large fortress in an alternate dimension. Join Ben 10 as he unleashes the Omnitrix Aliens on the Highbreed prison fortress to rescue Gwen and stop their evil plan for galaxy domination! Using the special powers of the Omnitrix and the aliens Echo Echo, Big Chill, Spidermonkey, Chromastone, Humongousaur and Swampfire, Ben 10 must break down the fortress’ walls and defences and destroy it before it is too late for Gwen and the galaxy!"
To Download This Game YOu Can Download Click Here .........

Description: The evil Shredder is back, his henchmen sowing panic in the streets of New York. Join Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo in their new adventure and end-to once and for all with Shredder! The new abilities of our heroes will not be too face the hordes of demons that await you. Good luck!
To Download This Game YOu Can Download Click Here........


Download Game HP Planet 51 Behind The Wheel (240x320)

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Planet 51, games mobile for sony erricsson or nokia with 240x320 resolution....
if you interest with this game you can download this game free and just click here........

Enjoy with.... Dunia-fun.co.cc

Xenogears (Who Love It, Share It Here)

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I am Alpha and Omega
The First and The Last
The Beginning and The End
!!Let's talk about XENOGEARS!!


Episode I is set against the Earth of 15,000 years ago and it is at this time that mankind has begun its search for a new home. Eventually, man finds a habitable home amidst the M24 Star Cluster of Sagittarius and from thereafter, this planet comes to be known as "Neo Jerusalem." However, even after colonizing this planet, mankind continued to aim for the heart of the universe and after 5,000years (10,000 years ago), humanity had conquered most of the Milky Way. Eventually, The Interstellar War breaks out and afterward gradually intensifies; Episode I focuses on both the outbreak and intensification of this war. However, while this s going on, other events take place, such as the development of the Deus System.


Intellectual life forms have begun to increase on the planet where Fei shall live. Also, Emperor Cain becomes the founder of a new generation of mankind and is venerated as a god. Abel, the sole survivor of the Eldridge crash, is repulsed by this belief and seeks a new way f life. At this point in time, the story progresses to Episode II, with Cain continuing to bide by his mission-the revivification of Deus; Cain never intended to "liberate humanity" as seen in Episode V.


Episode III takes place at an age where a scientific civilization achieves a level of echnological advancement similar to our own. A majority of these people are rendered unable to bear children thanks to a genetic deficiency that began to manifest itself as they achieved he technological zenith. Kim (Abel's first transmigration) attempted to overcome this bstacle with nanotechnology, but fails thanks to Miang's Plans. Emeralda is also born during his era and nanotechnology is later revived by Taura, one of the Three Sages of Shevat.


The Ignas continent of about 500 years thence is the backdrop of Episode IV. Emperor Cain decides that human evolution has reached its final stage and thus founds Solaris. Emperor Cain makes an attempt at immediate ground-rule, but is met with conflict as the artificial humans of this era have harnessed the use of Ether. This conflict, or war, breaks out between the "Land Dwellers" and the "Solarians," and is generally known as the "great war of 500years ago." But the war was ended prematurely by "The Day of Collapse."


Fei takes on the role of protagonist in this episode, set in the year 9999, Fei leads his early life in the peaceful village of Lahan. The Deus Restoration Program is also nearing completion at present time. Fei was not born in Lahan Village, however. He was, in fact, carried to Chief Lee's house in Lahan Village, threeyears ago by a Masked Man. At the time, Fei was so injured, both mentally and physically, that he lost all memory of his life prior to that point. After the attack on Lahan Village, though, he is "reawakened" and once again embarks on the road of fate.


Although not much is known about this episode, it appears as though it is set shortly after Episode V. Information about Episode VI will remain undisclosed until future notice as it is the last point on theXenogears timeline.

If Yo Want to Download The Soundtrack of this game you can download Here !

A massive Gear that is one of the largest man-made objects on the planet including Solaris, Shevat, Babel Tower and Merkava. The Gear was hidden in Nortune by Roni Fatima, the founder of Aveh, and disguised as the city's central administrative building. Its true intention was uncovered by Bart sometime in Disc Two after the truce between Aveh and Kislev was declared. When the Yggdrasil IV was activated, using Yggdrasil III as its command center, it rose from its dock in Nortune and transformed into a massive Gear. It fought against Ft. Hurricane and was later used to destroy the second Merkava, unfortunately the massive Gear was destroyed in the process. This gear is an obvious homage to the SDF-1 Macross, the titular ship of the Macross series, and is in fact referred to as "Super Dimensional Fortress Yggdrasil IV"

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