New York get 50 million tourists

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New York get a record 50 million tourists by the end of 2011, said New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Tuesday. The number of 50 million tourists went up about 1.5 million from last year, although the global economy slows.

New York is also known by the nickname "Big Apple" is the most popular tourist destinations in the United States, said the tourism agency NYC & Company, which estimates the city will attract 10.1 million international tourists and 40.1 million domestic visitors by the end of the year .

"The quality of life of New York City has contributed to great success and we are confident we will maintain the success of our tourism industry in the months and years ahead," said Bloomberg said in a statement.

New York City also are on track to generate 32 billion U.S. dollars for spending of tourists and tourism industry helps support around 320 thousand jobs. The highest number of international tourists from the UK with more than one million people throughout the year 2011.

Since 2006 the number of hotel rooms in New York has risen a quarter to 90 thousand. This year the city is targeted to sell 27 million hotel rooms, up 4.5 percent from 2010

Kim Jong-Il Died, China shocked

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The Chinese government admitted shocked to hear news of the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il. However, China believes North Korea may be through their grief and grow into a stronger country.

"We were shocked to hear the shocking news of the death of the most senior North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, our grief and offered condolences to the people of North Korea," a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Ma Zhaoxu, told Xinhua news agency, reported by Reuters, Monday, December 19, 2011.

In his statement, Ma said that Jong-il is a great leader who has contributed greatly in the relationship between North Korea and China. Through the next leadership, China believes the Korean people can turn their grief into strength and unity.

"China and North Korea will cooperate in the continuing positive kontibusi consolidate and build friendship between the two parties, governments and people, as well as to maintain peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and the region," said Ma.

China is one of North Korea's ally after Russia. Both countries are embargoed North Korean pedestal and given the economic sanctions by the United States and South Korea due to nuclear. Both China and Russia often provide food and financial assistance that is needed by his people.

Although not very profitable, but North Korea is one of the fortress of the U.S. and China in the face of the supporting countries. In recent months, Kim Jong-il was recorded several times to visit China to enhance cooperation.

Trends Evoloution

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Trends in the world continues to change with the movement of the time though sometimes the trend will happen in a certain period. Because the human lifestyle is always dynamic and continuously adjusts the times.

In the era of globalization, state borders can no longer limit the presence of a trend in almost all lines of modern human life. The presence of rapidly evolving technologies have accelerated change in the pattern and style of human life from time to time included in Indonesia.Produk-edge technology products such as automotive are increasingly user friendly, more clever gadgets to home appliance that continues to evolve popping up without stopping.

Competition Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, and other technology companies will be increasingly fierce competition in the mobile phone market, applications, social networking, retail business, advertising, finance, and 3D lainnya.Televisi also continue to move forward towards the field of automotive technology 4D.Di , the theme of saving and environmentally friendly cars increasingly dominate. Meksi so, the premium car market has its own equally pamor. Shoppers are pampered with the offering customized options to consumers who want a more personal cars.

Not just a matter teknologi.Evolusi also adorn fashion trends, beauty to jewelry. The fashion industry is getting ready to-wear will be more crowded. The young designers foray into ready-made clothing business rather than wrestle with haute couture and custom hair made. World also undergone a transformation mode. Curly or wavy hair texture is predicted to be most sensasional. meanwhile, the instant-paced lifestyle also make shift upon the type of disease.

In the future, not infectious diseases such as heart disease, stroke and cancer even after the young. Changing trends also reaches into the property which still carries the theme of green and back to city to adopt a minimalist home design nature. In the world of entertainment, musical development also continues to evolve. Next year's music is still dominated by the reappearance of trends boyband and girlband who mengiring boom genre of Korean music Pop or K-Pop.

Homeland film would be more cheerful with the advent of hyper adrenaline films, live action start-up thriller.Karya world's top film directors such as Steven Spielberg is also going to decorate the presence of Hollywood-quality film next year

GPK 40w Auto Power Adapter for Asus Eee

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The GPK Auto Power Adapter enables you to power your Laptop Notebooks in your car. An energy-efficient power adapter, designed to draw minimal power. With integrated surge protector to guard against power fluctuations.If you want to use your computer in the car without using up the battery you can save energy and weight by using one of these high tech switch mode DC converters (car cords). They are so small, light and reliable you might want to leave your AC adapter at home. This travel laptop adapter is a voltage-boosting DC/DC converter designed to power or charge a notebook computer from an automobile power point or cigarette lighter. GPK Systems Laptop DC Converters are being used in: Automobiles, Police Cars, Emergency Vehicles, RVs, Motorcycles, Motor Homes, Trucks, Airplanes, Campers, Boats, Yachts, Cell Phone Towers, Solar Power Stations.

Product Details

  • Color: White
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  • Input: DC 11V - 16V
  • Output: DC 19V 2.1A 40 Watt
  • Service & Support 1 year warranty
  • Use minimal power this adapter is designed to save energy
  • Designed exclusively for use with the laptops 100% compatibility with the original

2012 Fashion Trends

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What was the inspiration of the designers for spring 2012 trends? The answer is simple imagery, lightweight, practical, and colorful as reflected in the cutting, motives, and the form of clothing.

Since the middle of last year, the trend of spring 2012 has been formulated. The designers will provide direction style that captured the buyers and retailers then translated in a rack-rakdepartment stores, boutiques, and outlets multilabel. Then, what will be the must have item in the new year?

From the international catwalk, started New York to Paris, there is one common thread that can be drawn. Almost all the designer presents a collection inspired by the era of the 20s and 60-an.Pengaruh another era that is still visible is condensed from the 70 - s, but the style is playful and full fashion colors of the '60s era look more viscous dominated. It is seen from runwayBurberry Prorsum in the Milan Fashion Week event.

Blockingwarna and constructive silhouette reigned throughout the Burberry collection, including the range of coat that looks more stylish modala Swinging London in the era of 60-an.Tidak only Chistipher Bailey is fascinated with the era of the '60s, but also the innovative designer, Miuccia Prada Prada.Untuk and Miu Miu, Miuccia Sixties era injected in large doses is shown through the formation of pleated tunic with detailed graphic motifs and a collection of shoes mary-jane.Sementara constructive era style that introduces this tunic is also shown Yves Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Marni, Alberta Ferretti and .

In addition to the typical retro Sixties breath, roaring twentiesjuga come to dominate the catwalk. Flapper dressterlihat become a new trend, though packaged in a more practical style, sometimes minimalist. Formation bersiluet loose dress to be excellent, with a little extra detail tassel, tassel, or manikmanik which makes the collection of fashion era 20s era looks romantis.Tren 20s fashion is not only penetrated, but did influence the film industry, which was indicated by the release of the film The Great Gatsbypada 2012.

From segiwarna, even if catwalkmode for 2012 to formulate a more vibrant color game, the two primary colors, black and white still can not be abandoned. No matter how full of bright spring colors, fashion New York actors still glorify the black, although not perform solo, but combined with a variety of bright palette of hitam.Selain moodmuram lighten it, the practical side was shown by the designers of New York to the exclusion of idealism and more selecting the appropriate collection presents market tastes. Fashion trends in clothing was eventually shifted the practical, simple, and powerful high.

Something that will be continue to be used, even as the seasons change. In Paris too, the last catwalk to cover the series of international fashion week, fashion trends manifest in drama.Meskipun no more drama from John Galliano, Paris can still serve a dose of drama in the trend has to offer. Not only from the designer of international caliber, but also young Asian designers, including from Indonesia

End Of U.S. VS Iraq War

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Some are happy, but there are also regrets their departure because of alarming increase in violence that still plagued the oil-rich country. Muhammad Ali, for example. Traders were concerned, the place for a living, a crowded market in downtown, will often get attacks. The market was shaken three times the big explosion that killed several orang.Dinding concrete that initially protect the market stalls that had collapsed.

"This place will be easy targets car bomb," said Muhammad, who lost two brothers in the harshest masamasa conflict for nearly nine years. "People will die here." The New YorkTimes said, some people in Iraq refuse to believe that U.S. troops actually go from negaranya.Penolakan this is the effect of mindset that developed after living for years under the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein which was broadcast as well as historical view of colonialism and injustice at the hands of the West.

"Iraq will be a great place if the U.S. retreated," Rani said Basil, a taxi driver in Baghdad.Tapi, he was not convinced that his dream would come true. "I think the U.S. will not leave Iraq because they will attack Iran," he said . In war-torn Falluja, the Sunni call this city as the Hiroshima Iraq -, residents celebrated the withdrawal of U.S. troops with mass demonstrations, speeches anger, burning U.S. flags and a gallery exhibition of photographs of children with disabilities, homes destroyed and Another sign that referred to residents as bitter legality of the U.S. invasion.

"A great happiness because the U.S. will go," said Mohammed Adnan, 35. "Hopefully, we'll all be okay, we are Iraqis. We were fine before 2003. "Not everybody was fine before 2003. After the failed Shia uprising at the end of the 1991 Gulf War, Saddam executed tens of thousands of people, mainly Kurds and Shiites. Aesthetically, Baghdad is still a war zone checkpoints, concrete walls and barbed wire, buildings partly destroyed by the first wave of bombing the so-called U.S. President George W. Bush was "shocking and amazing".

Even so, life in Iraq began to improve in several aspects. Living in Baghdad is more developed in recent years, street life has returned, again crowded market, and opened a new amusement park, even the circus came to town that year. Nuri al-Maliki was elected in elections last year that international observers called free from cheating.

U.S. Citizen Not Support the War

Withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq was also warmly welcomed U.S. citizens. If in the early days of the invasion, in March 2003, approximately 70% of residents expressed support for the war and consider it to be true with 25% opposed it, then 9 years later, that number turned.

In a CNN poll that was held last month, 68% of respondents said the U.S. opposed the war in Iraq with only 29% who support it. A poll conducted last month's CBS News also showed almost identical results. Approximately 67% of respondents rated the Iraq war was sepandan to sacrifice the lives of U.S. troops and cost lainnya.Hanya 24%, including some Republicans, do not agree. Although not support the Iraq war, most U.S. citizens then question the future of that country so soldiers Uncle Sam's country home to their country.

According to a poll held by NBC News / Wall Street Journal, released this week, 21% of respondents predict Iraq "is" at risk of civil war and 31% of respondents predict Iraq "seems to be" experienced civil war after the withdrawal of troops the same AS. major opportunities called Iraq "a bit" to achieve a stable democracy (32%) and "very not going to" achieve a stable democracy (28%).

Furthermore, a poll conducted the same institution last month found about 71% of respondents believe U.S. President Barack Obama's decision to withdraw all troops to war in Iraq that now is the right decision with only 24% who disagreed. Apparently the U.S. public are fed up with the war in Iraq. However, this view is different from the views of U.S. politicians. Republican Senator John McCain and Lindsay Graham as well as neo-conservatives like Fred Kagan and other sharp critics such as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations (UN) John Bolton criticized Obama's decision was in the past week.

According to them, Obama failed to follow advice given by commanders to use strong pressure on Maliki to agree to maintain at least 14,000 U.S. troops in Iraq to continue to act as a buffer between Kurds and Arabs in the north, maintaining pressure on the government for "national reconciliation", quell the influence Iran and ensure that the threat from Al Qaeda insurgents likely be faced with ease.

The plan was rejected when the Iraqis refused to grant legal immunity from the court in Iraq against U.S. troops remaining in the country.

Man.City VS The Gunners

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MANCHESTER - Manchester City become the armature for Arsenal this season. Once slaughtered 2-8 by Manchester United (MU), Sunday (28 / 8), now the Gunners face Manchester City in Premier League match at Etihad Stadium today.

Meet local rivals Manchester United into something painful for Gunners.Tak The only bad memory recalls slain MU, but also piracy players who do Man City, lalu.Pelatih summer Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger must be lost Samir Nasri and Gael Clichy who decided to leave the rich club Man City.

Before the hook Nasri and Clichy, The Citizens first brought Emmanuel Adebayor and Kolo Toure from Emirates Stadium. That is why, Wenger revealed later meeting with Man City will be a game with high tension and atmosphere heat matches. "The difference between us and the finance teams like Man City has become too jauh.Kondisi their finances makes us very difficult to keep our players who've been here for years," said Wenger, told AFP.

"But, I remain grateful for all the remaining players at this club can do is lose a lot pemain.Namun tugasnya.Kami, we also get a great player like Gervinho and Mikel Arteta," he continued. Wenger says always gives an opportunity for young players to tampil.Apalagi, if the players have great talent, he would not hesitate to choose the players in the squad utama.Tapi, after several years of honing his ability at Arsenal, they instead chose leave.

"When selling a player, you definitely mengeluh.Namun, there are times where you would say yes, we have to let go. But, it will be increasingly felt sadness when the player is away at the age of 23 to 24 years as Francesc 'Cesc' Fabregas and Nasri.Mereka center is at best performance, "said Wenger. Meanwhile, conditions in the camps Man City is not too baik.Setelah eliminated from the Champions League, The Citizenstertekan with a 1-2 defeat to Chelsea on Monday (12/12).

The defeat was all the damage already done dkk.Maklum David Silva, they are not invincible sebelumnya.Tapi, a visit to Stamford Bridge to be disastrous for them. Another problem, complaint Architect Roberto Mancini to Nasri.Penampilan Nasri who have not been up to him will not be lowered when he met his former club, day ini.Mancini have given warning to Nasri. "For me, Nasri is a star. He has a very good game. So, with all owned, he could do something more for this club, "said Mancini, reported by the Telegraph.

"When the players move the club, everything is not going as easy as itu.Akan there are some problems that may be obtained itu.Tapi player, whatever, I want him to play better because he's one player berbakat.Jika managed to prove it, he will have a place in the first team, "he said.

Polaroid 300 Instant Camera PIC-300L

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Polaroid--PIC 300--Blue---Takes business card size instant color photos, Four scene settings help you capture the perfect shot in any light, Automatic flash, Works with Polaroid 300 Instant Film, Note: Film not included

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  • Takes business card size instant color photos
  • Auto flash in low light, auto adjust
  • Electronic shutter 1/60 second
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  • Works with Polaroid 300 instant film
  • Four scene settings help capture the perfect shot in any light
  • Automatic Flash feature
  • 1/60 sec electronic shutter

Dancing With the Stars Returns in January 2012

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GSN announced that they've picked up the exclusive rights to seasons 4 through 14 of Dancing With the Stars, and will begin airing the show in January 2012. Season 13 is wrapping up, but the deal also includes the upcoming 14th season (which begins next March).

Now, I'm sure we'll hear a lot of groaning from the GSN regulars, but this is actually a solid pickup for the network. There's no denying that Dancing has a huge and loyal following, and there will be plenty of people interested in watching past seasons. It also skews towards a younger demographic than much of GSN's current roster, so picking up some "fresher" eyeballs might be in the cards here.

No, it's not a game show. And I can't say that I'm a huge fan of DWTS - I did watch and root for John O'Hurley way back when, but that season isn't part of this deal apparently. Still, I think it's a good thing for the network overall (even if I would personally rather see some really great originals, and reboots of Russian Roulette and Grand Slam). No reason why we can't have both, right GSN?

UEFA Champion League 2011/2012

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UEFA,Champion League,2011,2012,arsenal,italy,england
English and Italian prestige stakes occurred in the last 16 of Champions League 2011/2012. Arsenal will meet seven-times champions AC Milan and Chelsea to face Napoli based lottery held at UEFA headquarters, Nyon, Switzerland, yesterday.

In other matches, defending champion Barcelona is challenged Bayer Leverkusen, while Real Madrid waiting for CSKA Moscow. Serve the surprise team of Bayern Munich FC Basel, while a representative of another Italian, Inter Milan, met a French club Olympique Marseille. Olympique Lyon are dealing with a surprise team APOEL Nicosia and Zenit St Petersburg met SL Benfica.

Arsenal's scheduled visit to the San Siro for the first game on February 15, 2012 with the determination of the party was held at E mirates Stadium at 6 M Nazareth. Both clubs had fought in the same season, phase 2007/2008.Ketika that the Gunners - Arsenal's nickname - came out as winners through 2-0 on aggregate. "The duel will definitely fantastic. However, if you could choose, I hope we are not against a team like the draw before, "said Arsenal secretary David Miles said.

Versus Milan who became the most successful club in the Champions League after Real Madrid, Arsenal's position on the map Blue Continent strength is not nothing. The best achievement of the North London club in the Champions League finals only to the extent there 2005/2006.Di they should recognize the benefits of Barcelona. Even so, Arsenal remain confident the upcoming welcoming party. In addition to winning the fight three years ago, they may also refer to poor record in front of Milan's English club.

Cessation measures Rossoneri - nicknamed Milan - on the last three Champions League tournament due League vice Primer.Pasukan Massimiliano Allegri was beaten Tottenham Hotspur (aggregate 0-1) last season and Manchester United (2-7) and Arsenal (aggregate 0 - 2) two seasons earlier. However, before losing three consecutive seasons opponent English team, AC Milan won the 2007 season by beating Liverpool in the final of the British representative in Athens.

"Arsenal started 2011/2012denganburuk. But they have recovered. I am sure they will be more competitive in February. "" We had the best performance if you want to get rid of them, "said Allegri. While other English team, Chelsea, faces tough challenges in Naples. Set aside league leaders Manchester City Premier League to assist entry-eighths finals Bayern Munich, Napoli demonstrated their capacity as a dark horse that can not be underestimated.

The first meeting in San Paolo on February 21 will be the key for John Terry et al. They must remove the bad records in the State only won once and reap the rewards of a good pizza at the party as the capital of the second leg at home on March 14. In other matches, Leverkusen curse of bad luck must be met Barcelona. Madrid judge cons CSKA match is quite difficult because it must travel far away to Russia.

While Inter Milan Claudio Ranieri allenatore assess duel with Marseille is an opportunity for him to pay the defeat of coach Didier Dechamps in the semifinals 2003/2004. "Deschamps with AS Monaco Chelsea get rid of that I handled several years ago. Time to get revenge, "said Ranieri. At the Europa League last 32 draw, two representatives of the Premier League, Manchester City and Manchester United (MU), got a tough challenge to shine in this arena.

Man City must meet effluent team's Champions League, FC Porto, the defending champion status this event, while Manchester United are not losing because of bad luck dealing with the rulers of Europe four times, Ajax Amsterdam. "Ajax have bagus.Saya teams have never faced them in European competition. I can not wait to try them soon, "said Manchester United coach Sir Alex Ferguson.

Another interesting match in the Europa League match Atletico Madrid Lazio cons, Stoke City against Valencia, and Udinese met PAOK Salonika. On the final matchday, Thursday (17/12), Tottenham Hotspur failed to advance to the round of fall despite conquering Shamrock Rovers. Harry Redknapp's men had to give up a place to Rubin Kazan who will serve Olympiakos.Wakil England Birmingham City also suspended while membekuk Maribor 1-0 with Udinese thanks to the setting aside of Glasgow Celtic 1-1 in Friuli.

Zotac ZBOX Intel Atom D525 1.8 GHz Dual Core Next-Generation NVIDIA ION (with 512MB DDR3), All-in-One Mini-PC with 2 GB DDR2 Memory, 250 GB Hard Drive and No OS ZBOXHD-ID40-PLUS

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Zotac ZBOX Intel Atom D525 1.8 GHz Dual Core Next-Generation NVIDIA ION (with 512MB DDR3), All-in-One Mini-PC with 2 GB DDR2 Memory, 250 GB Hard Drive and No OS ZBOXHD-ID40-PLUS

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  • DirectCompute ready, OpenGL 3.2 compatible, OpenCL compatible, Intergrated 802.11 WiFi (300Mb/s)

Most Sexually University

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University where everything goes and nothing stays on.

1 - University of Texas at Austin
It is hot down in Arizona, but some of that heat may be emulating off the bodies of pupils at UT-Austin. Topping Playboy Magazine’s report on party schools, the 50, 000+ students at UT know how to party-and get the item on. As Playboy mentioned, “When you accumulate academics, the weather, the liberal environment, South by Freebie southwest, game day and also the nightlife on 6th Street, UT Austin is usually one heck of your school. ” It has to be no coincidence that will Men’s Health named Austin the very best city in the united states for a captivating good time, based on condom gross sales (#1), birth rates, and (uh-oh) STD rates. Everything isbigger within Texas…including the sexual appetites!

2 - University of Michigan
With over 40, 000 students, it’s no ponder that Michigan is probably the most sexually active schools in the united states. Its location, in picturesque Ann Arbor, is ranked third on a directory of cities where people get it on the almost all. This, based on exposure by Amazon. com, who says that 24% of all books sent to the city are about sex. Even better than reading, Michigan ranked overall third on Trojan’s Health Report Card, which measures the sexual education of its students and the availability of contraception on campus. It’s good to know that Michigan students are book-smart and sex-smart!

3 - Harvard
As the nation’s most preeminent university, you don’t necessarily imagine “sex” and “Harvard” from the same sentence. Still, other people do, which is why ab muscles liberal town of Cambridge, Massachusetts placed tenth one of several American cities that wish to get serious. According to Amazon. com, 58% of the romantic books shipped to Cambridge are about relationships. Not everyone agrees with Harvard’s liberal nature, though-two students have founded the True Love Revolution, an abstinence group, in response to Harvard’s apparent lasciviousness. Between the student porn magazine and school-sponsored “Free Lube” day, someone had seen enough!

4 - Arizona State University
Arizona State might have the most interesting reputation in terms of sex. Not only will be South Desert Village the most sexually active dorms inside nation (by that mysterious Cornell research), the girls there are known to be as hot since the sun-some even come up with a career from it! Former Sun Devils cheerleader Courtney Cox can be former adult picture star Cory Hart or Courtney Simpson, having gotten her come from Arizona and perhaps performing in your ex ASU cheerleader equipment. She’s not on your own dabbling in your adult film company, though. This past season an ASU freshman held her scholarship even though she willingly was taken care of filmed sex and also flashed her pupil ID card. Students at the school are also purportedly responsible for DirtyScottsdale. com, a popular gossip site. Sun Devils, indeed!

5 - Northwestern University
Northwestern gave the word “liberal” a whole new dimension last calendar year at one spiel. Known for inciting controversy occasionally, psychology professor N. Michael Bailey has led probably the most interesting and enjoyable classes on campus about human sexuality. As a supplement to 1 of his lessons, a woman was given orgasm in front of a live audience of your hundred or and so students. When word of the leaked, Northwestern valiantly taken care of Prof. Bailey, explaining “The University supports the endeavours of its faculty to help expand the advancement connected with knowledge. ” Wonder when their application charges went up?

New-7" Touchscreen Tablet, Android OS 2.3 - CT-MID7016-4G

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Coby Kyros Touchscreen internet tabletAndroid 2.3 OS7 Inch screen4 GBWeb browser and e-mailColor e-book readerWatch YouTube videosHDMI TV connectionThousands of apps to discover for AndroidEnjoy your media library anywheremicroSD memory card readerHigh-speed Wi-Fi 802.11 b'g networkingAutomatic orientation detectionCTMID70164G

Product Details

  • Brand: Coby
  • Dimensions: 4.08 pounds

How Microsoft can Beat Apple

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This kind of week Microsoft declared which a beta model regarding Windows 8 shall be released in before months of 2012. The company also announced it is planning to start an app maintain for Windows 8 - any Metro application store where Microsoft are able to offer and distribute software for Windows 8 beta sort. The store will operate using a mechanism built inside the Windows.

Windows 8 could be the latest operating process manufactured by Ms for devices including tablets, laptops, and computers. Metro app store - that may be an integrated software program store - is among the newest features through which Microsoft is presenting through Windows 8. Metro is ones name of Wine glass windows 8’s touch program.

By launching Local community app store, Microsoft is carrying out a footsteps of Apple that is certainly running its unique online, web-based app retail store for Mac along with iPad/iPhone/iPod. PC application builders have appreciated Microsoft’s determination to launch a new app store. The app developers say that they can foresee the future of computer and perhaps they reckon that down the road computer system could be a lot more like a new mobile phone and less as being a computer machines. App developers are typically glad that 'microsoft' is learning caused by increasing market levels of competition, but they involve some reservations about the specific usability of Home windows 8 App keep.

Can Microsoft’s Ask for store beat Apple’s Iphone app store?


It is difficult to answer this kind of question. But on documents (Microsoft has shared the leading points about the unit of its demand store), Microsoft’s app store looks additional appealing than Apple’s Mac pc pc store and iTunes. Microsoft’s app store is able to beat Apple’s application store because Microsoft provides better royalties deals, less fees, more transparency, and greater achieve.

Microsoft has announced who's may need 30% percent on the revenue generated from the sales of almost any app. But once your revenue of any app reaches $25, 000, Microsoft will lower its share part to 20%. Not just which, Microsoft has claimed that those who would like to submit their Metro apps available for sale at Windows 8 app store, they will have to submit a settlement. Microsoft will always be charging individual $49 per year and companies will be charged $99 every year. This is underneath what Apple expenditures its members. Apple charges $99 to assist both individuals together with companies for one-year member's program rights. Microsoft will give a competition to Apple and few others e. g. Amazon which fees same amount simply because Apple. At present, Google’s Android Marketplace is the cheapest as that charges only $25 so that you can individuals.

Microsoft vows to offer greater reach that you Widows 8 blog site. According to the company, at present they have 1. 25 billion Windows users worldwide. A certain proportion of users must upgrade their Systems to Windows 8 and as such will be working with Windows 8 application store eventually. Hence the developers can offer their products for some bigger market. With Windows 8 dealer, developers will be described as a able to reach an increasingly impressive market since Microsoft claims to own largest clientele.

Microsoft has also promised to produce more freedom for you to developers. The company plans to build its app retailer more transparent yet vows to offer more permissive rules to those who would like to use this platform to present their products. Microsoft’s rules is more tolerant plus less restrictive. Nothing could be said without a doubt right now, but apparently Microsoft’s new iphone 4 app store would fewer burdened by means of policies & restrictions.

Lindsay Lohan Undressed in Playboy

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Lindsay Lohan has binding contract with Playboy Magazine U. S. $ 1 trillion. With high Agreement Price, Playboy asked Lohan undressed along with the cover of this magazine.

Many believe, the artist that's familiarly called Lilo can be deliberately accepted the offer was attractive because he ended up being facing financial issues. However, Lilo has denied what is this great. He is willing for this to express them selves.

“Sex and sexuality are section of nature. And I gone with nature, ” said Lilo seeing that quoted from Bettyconfidential. “Knowing yourself plus your body is essential because it will give you confidence. And in lifestyle, women need self-confidence, ” he explained.
Regarding the various responses about posing topless in Playboy, Lilo would not supply a damn. He impressed delicately responded.

“I think all are perhaps the tendency of people want to know every detail involving celebrity life, ” he stated.

Indeed, the plan poses exciting Lilo will probably be published edition regarding Playboy magazine with regard to January or February 2012. However, because some poses nude Lilo may be leaked on the net, the owner connected with Playboy, Hugh Hefner enquired to immediately post a magazine using a cover Lilo end this December.

And Here’s the sneak peak Lindsay lohan lohan picture seeing that Playboy Cover.

Lindsay Lohan,Playboy,sexy,hot,photo,magazine,naked

Cleveland Browns Mens NFL Replica Jersey Chaun Thompson #51 Brown

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Wearing this officially licensed Cleveland Browns Chaun Thompson #51 replica jersey will show everyone you're a hardcore fan. This durable v-neck jersey is made of breathable, quick-drying polyester diamond back mesh and is designed with the player's number screen-printed on the chest and shoulders. The player's name is screen-printed on a sewn down nameplate at the upper back, with his number screen-printed in the center. Embroidered NFL shield at neckline.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #49990 in Apparel & Accessories
  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: Reebok


  • NFL mens
  • 100% polyester diamond back mesh. Polyester dazzle sleeves and yoke
  • Player's number screen-printed on the chest and shoulders. Decorated in the team colors
  • Flat knit ribbed v-neck collar with NFL® Equipment patch sewn at the point in the front
  • Made by Reebok, officially licensed

Cincinnati Bengals Chad Johnson Ochocinco #85 Mens NFL Jersey, Orange

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Price: $19.95
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Modeled after the Pro Cut jersey silhouette, the NFL replica jersey from Reebok displays screenprinted team wordmarks, logos, sleeve details, and player's name and number. Embroidered NFL Equipment patch sewn onto bottom of front collar or fabric insert. NFL Equipment jock tag with alpha sizing applied above left hem. Adult mens sizing. This jersey is marked C.Johnson - before he changed his last name to Ochocinco.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #140634 in Apparel & Accessories
  • Color: Orange
  • Brand: Reebok
  • Dimensions: 1.00 pounds


  • 100% durable polyester mesh body with dazzle sleeves and shoulders
  • Screen printed graphics
  • Embroidered NFL patch sewn onto bottom of front collar
  • Jock tag sewn lower left front
  • Officially licensed by NFL

I Bet You 1 Million Dollars

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dollar,money,rich,$1 million
As well as bet someone $1 thousand dollars to prove a point? If you’re similar to people, then you don’t even have a million cash. Even if anyone did, you were more than likely joking anyway. Apparently rich folks can’t joke regarding betting money, especially rich politicians.
It’s become your bet heard around the world.

For those of which missed last Saturday’s Republican presidential discussion, Texas Gov. Rick Perry arrested former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney of advocating the application of his (Romney’s) Massachusetts’ health mandate as a new national model. While this isn’t once Perry has accused Romney on this cardinal Republican sin, this is initially Romney made a bet out from the issue. Romney responded towards the accusation with a $10, 000 bet that this accusation simply wasn’t accurate. Perry, taken aback by the situation, of course didn’t take the bet, and since I’ve actually read Gov. Romney’s book, I can attest Perry would have been a loser in this bet anyway.

The betting words had no longer left Romney’s mouth before the media pundits and opposing campaign managers were licking their lips with the smell of new blood. It seemed that a real large bet was the icing on the cake that the above mentined parties needed in order to prove Romney was a fat cat that was out of touch while using the common man. After all, as one media pundit was so quick to point out, most Idahoans don’t make that much money in 6 months worth of function. Huh… I reckon that means that My partner and i, a little decrease middle class nurse from Mississippi, must be out of touch with myself and the alike since My spouse and i routinely bet the million dollars when I’m wanting to prove a examine a naysayer.

I do enjoy how some candidates may have torrid affairs; make bigoted, racist remarks; steal, scam, and cheat their particular electors; and other actually news worthy acts and also the media sweeps over it like a cat using a cat litter box, but seem to help latch on and inflate all things other candidates declare and do. Any idiot could deduct that Romney was using a common saying a new “bet you” A, Y, and Z to prove an area. If anything, I would say that’s more in touch with us old common folk than Ron Perry putting his / her face on many techniques from Saturday Night Live to running the gambit lately night shows to mock his very own “uhhhh.. ” debacle by his last argument and Newt Gingrich’s holding hands with lobbying adjustable rate mortgage Freddie Mac.

Having money doesn’t make one outside of touch with those of less lot of money. My political main character, FDR, was a rich man that in no way had any direct experience with like a not have. However, wealth didn’t skew his chance to act on require, empathize with this not haves, and make changes to generate their lives greater. If not because of this wealthy man, I fear the media we live in today could possibly be under the flag of completely different colors.

Satechi CR-3605 Car Holder Mount for 7 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab on Windshield and Dashboard

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Price: $15.99
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Satechi CR -3605 car holder mount for Samsung Galaxy Tab is the ideal solution for drivers seeking a hands-free solution in their vehicle. Satechi CR -3605 is always within easy reach, safe and convenient. It features an extra secure mount that has adjustable pivoting action: up and down, left and right. Satechi CR -3605 is exclusively designed to fit Samsung Galaxy Tab, allowing stable and secure mounting and full access to all buttons and functions. It also includes super-strong adhesive pad called Smart Pad for alternative mounting locations. Note: State law prohibits drivers in California and Minnesota from mounting items on car windows that may obstruct the driver's view.

Product Details

  • Brand: Satechi


  • Package includes: Holder Mount, Cradle, Ceaning pad.
  • Exclusive design fits 7 inch Samsung Galaxy tab snugly.
  • Smart Pad for alternative mounting locations on the dashboard.
  • Heavy duty screw type mount includes square connector for 360 degree adjustment.
  • Adjustable pivoting action hinges for 180 degree vertical and horizontal adjustment.

Orgasm Face

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Orgasm Face While Keeping People Just Like Face Pain

Orgasm or climax during intercourse always involves an elaborate process in all regions of the brain. Increased activity in one section of the brain called the insula making orgasm faces indistinguishable from the faces of men and women in pain.

Professor Barry Komisaruk of Rutgers University mentioned, one part in the brain are active every time a person, especially women provide an orgasm is the insula (insular cortex). Activities in this section relate with the interpretation of pain inside the brain.

Several previous studies show, a woman that's being orgasms have increased tolerance in order to pain. This means that whenever you’re reaching the actual climax sex, women tend difficult to feel discomfort.

Although tolerance to help pain is lessened, but instead illustrate the facial term of pain as a result of increased activity from the insula. That is the reason why, while women experience an orgasm is sometimes indistinguishable from the faces of people in pain.

“O-face (climax face) or maybe facial expressions during orgasm is usually difficult to distinguish the existing expression of pain which will be explained by the increased activity from the insula, ” says Prof. Komisaruk as cited from Healthland. time, Friday (12/02/2011).

The findings presented for the Society for Neuroscience seminar in Washington DC is actually revealed when Prof. Komisaruk filmed orgasm process that occurs in the women brain. In the film 3-dimension, revealed almost all parts of the brain turn out to be active during women orgasm.

In addition on the insula, a part on the brain that are observed are extremely active is this part that regulates sensory senses. This section has begun active considering that the body parts which might be sensitive to receive stimuli, and then continues to experience an increase in activity until shortly after orgasm.

Britain and EU Summit

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Europe's Great Divorce


WE JOURNALISTS are usually too bleary-eyed from a sleepless night to comprehend the full value of what provides just happened with Brussels. What is clear is that from a long, hard and rancorous discussions, at about 5am this morning europe split in significant way.

In an attempt to stabilise your euro zone, France, Germany and 21 other countries have decided to draft their particular treaty to inflict more central manage over national prices. Britain and three others made our minds up to stay available. In the on its way weeks, Britain may find itself more isolated. Sweden, the Czech Republic and also Hungary want the perfect time to consult their parliaments along with political parties before deciding on whether to join the revolutionary union-within-the-union.

So two decades on the day after your Maastricht Treaty has been concluded, launching the process for the single European currency, the EU's tectonic plates have slipped momentously along same the fault line that's always divided it-the Language Channel.

Confronted by the financial meltdown, the euro zone is having to integrate more seriously, with a consequent decrease in national sovereignty towards EU (or various other central co-ordinating entire body); Britain, which had guaranteed a formal opt-out from your euro, has decided for you to let them get their way.

Whether the arrangement does anything to stabilise the pound is moot. The agreement can be heavily tilted to budget discipline along with austerity. It does little to create money for the short term to arrest the run on sovereigns, nor does it offer a longer-term perspective regarding jointly-issued bonds. Much will be based upon how the Western european Central Bank responds within the coming days and weeks.

Some doubt remains over whether and how the "euro-plus" zone will get access to EU institutions-such for the reason that European Commission, which conducts fiscal assessments and proposes action, and the Western Court of Justice, which Germany hope will ensure nations adopt proper balanced-budget rules-over Britain's questions.

But especially intended for France, on the brink of losing its AAA credit rating and now the actual junior partner in order to Germany, this is any famous political glory. President Nicolas Sarkozy experienced long favoured the creation of the smaller, "core" euro zoom, without the awkward British, Scandinavians and japanese Europeans that usually pursue more liberal, market-oriented policies. And he possesses wanted the core operated with an inter-governmental time frame, ie by leaders as opposed to by supranational Western european institutions. This would permit France, and Mr Sarkozy particularly, to maximise the impact.

Mr Sarkozy built substantial progress upon both fronts. The president tried to not gloat when he / she emerged at 5am to go into detail that an agreement endorsed by many 27 members from the EU had proved impossible because of British obstruction. “You cannot provide an opt-out and after that ask to take part in all the discussion around the euro that a person did not want, and which moreover, you may criticised, ” declared your French president.

With the entry next year connected with Croatia, which will indicator its accession treaty today, the EU remains growing, said Mr Sarkozy. “The bigger European union is, the less integrated it may be. That is a distinct truth. ”

For Britain the main benefit of the bargain throughout Brussels is far from clear. It took an excellent half-hour after the conclusion of Mr Sarkozy's appearance for Mr Cameron to emerge and clarify his action. The prime minister claimed he'd taken a “tough decision nevertheless the right one” pertaining to British interests-particularly to its financial-services industry. In return with regard to his agreement to vary the EU treaties, Mr Cameron had wanted many safeguards for The uk. When he did not get them, he used his / her veto.

After much researched vagueness on his / her part about Britain's objectives, Mr Cameron's demand came as a result of a protocol that might ensure Britain could be given a veto with financial-services regulation. The British government has grown to be convinced that your European Commission, usually a bastion associated with liberalism in The european countries, has been giving regulations hostile to the City of London intoxicated by its French single-market commissioner, Michel Barnier. And yet strangely, given the accusation that Brussels was taking aim at the heart of the Uk economy, almost all in the new rules issued until now have been approved with British acceptance (albeit following much bitter backroom dealing with). Tactically, too, it seemed odd to produce a stand in defence in the financiers that political figures, both in Britain and along the rest of Eu, prefer to denounce.

Mr Cameron said he's “relaxed” about the actual separation. The EU has always been about multiple data transfer speeds; he was glad Britain had stayed from the euro and out of your passport-free Schengen place. He said that life in the EU, particularly the single market, will continue since normal. “We wish them well even as want the dollar zone to straighten out its problems, to achieve security and growth that every of Europe desires. ” The attracted faces of senior officials seemed to say otherwise.

The 23 members on the new pact, if they act as a block, can outvote The united kingdom. They are separated among themselves, of course. But their behavior of working collectively and cutting specials will, inevitably, begin to weigh against Britain over time.

Mr Sarkozy as well as Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, have given notice of their desire for this euro zone to act in all the domains that would normally be the remit of 27 members-for illustration, labour-market regulations and the corporate-tax base.

Britain may assume it is going to benefit from extra business for your City, should the euro zone ever cross a financial-transaction taxes. But what in the event the new club will begin imposing financial regulations among the 17 euro-zone members, or the 23 members from the euro-plus pact? That could continue to force euro-denominated transactions into the euro zone, say Paris or perhaps Frankfurt. Britain would, surely, have had much more influence had the countries with the euro zone stayed under an EU-wide program.

It says much around the dire state from the debate on The european union within Britain's Old-fashioned party that, as Mr Cameron attempted to Brussels, another Tory MP portentously invoked your memory of Neville Chamberlain, who infamously came back from Munich along with empty assurances via Adolf Hitler. Mr Cameron could have made a grievous mistake with regard to Britain's long-term curiosity. But at the very least nobody can accuse your pet of returning through Brussels with a sheet of paper in the hand.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Folio with Built-In Bluetooth Keyboard

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Price: $42.57
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You fell in love with your Galaxy Tab, thinking you could get rid of your laptop and fly free with only a lightweight Tab under your arm. But that free-spiritedness didn't last long. The laptop waited patiently while you flirted with your new fling. It knew you'd be back... and sure enough, you were. You needed the keyboard. Typing on a touchscreen was just too annoying. But we're here to say you can toss that laptop to the curb and renew your Tab love affair. Say hello to the Bluetooth Keyboard Case. In use, the Tab rests on a built in stand in a horizontal orientation which makes the whole package look and work almost like a netbook. The keyboard itself has a silicone cover that will resist the occasional caffeinated spillage of your choice and provides noticeable tactile feedback. In other words, you'll feel like you are typing again instead of tapping. The case is made of soft synthetic leather and closes with a magnetic clasp. It feels good when you're carrying it around, but it isn't so hefty that you notice it.

Product Details

  • Model: AD-SANX17-KJ
  • Dimensions: 55.00 pounds


  • Attractive black synthetic leather case
  • Includes fully integrated Bluetooth keyboard
  • For the AT&T & T-Mobile model Galaxy Tabs ONLY
  • All function keys remain accessible when the Tab is in the case
  • Fast and easy 3 step setup

Extract MP3 From Youtube Video

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There are numerous methode to draw out audio from youtube . com video. One of recognizable to us is always to download video firstly then convert it for you to mp3 files or any audio recordings you want. So, you need metacafe to mp3 converter software program to extract your audio file. However it is actually requiered software to help download video from youtube and then you also will need youtube to music converter software for you to convert the video clip files.

Ok, that is the particular hardest part about how precisely precisely to extract mp3 format from youtube. Now you don’t need to installing software and also download the video first before turn it to audio tracks. Because you will use online service to help convert video from youtube into audio tracks directly from your browser without the software installation.

So here is the easiest methode concerning how to xtract MP3 from YouTube.


YouTube-mp3. org is on the web service that implement with youtube to help mp3 converter. It is not essential to sign-up on that site, just the factor you’ll need can be a YouTube video WEBSITE, paste on url the box then click convert online video media, it will start to extract the mp3 track from your video file, when you currently have submitted it and you may download it immediately. Unlike from a few other services the total conversion process is usually perfomed instantly so you just have to be able to download the sound recording file directly off their servers. This online software program is platform-independent. So You may use it in your current Mac, a Linux PC as well as an iPhone. All conversion premiums result also in good quality mode having a bitrate with a minimum of128 kBit/s. And this assistance is totally no cost. In case you intend to extract MP3 by YouTube Video the only need approximately three to four minutes per video clip. And of course it is additionally depend on your online connection.

How To Control Your Stress

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stress,ill,control your stress,fun,addict,game,women,men,studies,solves,heal your stress, avoid stress,how to control ypur stress

Stress can be a serious problem. In recent scientific studies Americans respondents said that they experienced moderate to high numbers of stress throughout one more year. Women were far more prone to develop symptoms including sadness, irritability and affliction and overeating compared to men.

Stress actually may manifests its self physically. Stress releases cortisol in addition to adrenaline which readies one's body to fight or even run. It speeds in the heart rate, tenses major muscular tissues and thickens body. It this problem lasts long the item harms physical wellness. Over time cortisol would wear down protective concludes of DNA. This ages the immunity process and hastens cardiovascular disease and other conditions.

The trick to achieving calmness along with better health is changing how we respond to anxiety. Outwardly we haven't any problem pointing each of our stress triggers. Women who took part inside the studies said money was their top stresser accompanied by work, economy and family responsibilities. These categories usually are too broad therefore lets break these down and get deeper. People are frightened to pinpoint their own stresses for fear it'll consume them. But in simple fact, confronting the monster with the door is half the battle.

Tension comes from situations which make us feel dependent. Try asking by yourself, What aspect of my daily life is overwhelming? Your body knows a lot better than your mind which in turn circumstance is allowing you to stressed. If you still don’t know the stresses, write in a journal once you have symptoms such while impatience, fatigue, headaches and frustration. You will will see a style. For instance when you get a frustration while paying bills. Once you realize the issues, they will glimpse smaller allowing methods to occur to anyone.

Even when you’ve taken steps to solve stressful situations, life can throw a curve ball. But allowing nerves to find the better of anyone puts you inside the fight or flight mode, putting those human hormones into play again if you find no physical emergency at hand. Scan your mind for mental poison such as: Why does this always get lucky and me? Reverse those thoughts to, This is unexpected but I am able to manage it. It will end up being okay. If you come with an especially bad time with everything proceeding wrong, Give yourself a break. Do a crossword dilemna. Call a colleague. Your mind is going to be calmer and you’ll be better capable to cope.

For a additional lasting calm, do deep inhaling and exhaling, meditation, yoga or other physical exercise. The longer you be involved in these activities the calmer you will see to be. You will be able to relax and while you are relaxed you can’t feel stress.

Glee 2012 Cast

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glee,2012,contest, beauty,sexy,new,jayma, mays,dianna,ageon,trecor,HD,download, music, song,download
Though there may be two weeks associated with "Glee" left with 2011, the cast and also crew are already looking forward to the new yr at McKinley Large. Fans can expect more themed episodes if your show returns in 2012, according to management music producer Adam Anders.

"We've spent considerable time building the stories this coming year, starting out with this and introducing a number of new characters, " he mentioned. "Now creatively your momentum's building. "

Anders already tackled some thematic elements this year with the add-on of "West Side Story" across most of the first episodes. He described these individuals as "unbelievably complicated. "

"The West Part Story stuff was the most interesting, deep arrangements we had to try to recreate, " Anders stated. "That was plenty of work with little or no time, and it's Leonard Bernstein! We never want the standard to suffer because we're on the schedule, it just suggests less sleep. It was definitely rewarding, West Side Story is my favorite musical and I wanted to be sure I didn't wreck it. "

Newcomer Damian McGinty advised Billboard. com that the group, "just started filming episode 10, which is after Christmas. "

"The new term is starting for us now, " he continuing. "We're kind of finding out as we get the script, so who is aware of what songs we may have. "

While McGinty might not know his musical future, co-star Dianna Agron uncovered that she just got word using a new number that she called "a really enjoyable song I by no means thought I'd possibly be singing. " She seemed to be reluctant to overflow further info, only going in terms of confirming it wasn't a Broadway number or a country tune.

Agron's character Quinn has had a rocky period, attempting to grab back the daughter she quit for adoption soon after ditching and reclaiming the woman preppy attitude. Agron told people that she's finally needs to "leave her nasty ways behind. "

"She's starting to realize this could and ought to be the best time of her senior high school experience, " Agron said. "She's finding the light by the end of the tunnel. "

Harry Shum Jr. also dropped hints of a potential new solo within the new year, but was mum on details. Likewise, executive music producer Anders mentioned upcoming appearances simply by Ricky Martin along with Gloria Estefan, but had zero solid decisions on what the pair can sing.

McGinty, who joined the show this season after being called co-winner of "The Joy Project, " a simple fact competition for aspiring Glee stars, said there's hope for his character to have a love interest since his attempts with wooing cheerleader Brittany have been crushed in the first episode.

"At the end from the Christmas episode there exists a little hint that he might have some sort of girlfriend on Romantic evening, so who is aware, " he stated. "I hope therefore, all the young ladies of 'Glee' are usually gorgeous. ".

Anker USB 3.0 to SATA/SATA III Hard Drive Docking Station for 2.5 or 3.5-Inch HDD(ASM Chipset)

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Price: $23.99
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Product Description

The Anker USB 3.0 SATA HDD docking station is the perfect solution for easy dock/undock of bare/internal SATA drives. It allows you to connect a single 3.5" or 2.5" SATA drive at SuperSpeed USB 3.0 transfer rates (10x faster than speed of USB 2.0). It can also backward compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1 at their native speeds. Lightweight and simple design makes it easy to connect and use.

- Available for 2.5" or 3.5" SATA Hard Drive;
- Enables the direct connection of a SATA HDD to your PC or Notebook;
- External interface: USB 3.0 (Max. 5Gbps). Backword compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1;
- Premium workmanship;
- On/Off button. LEDs for power and HDD access;
- Support Windows XP/Vista/7 (32-bit and 64bit);
- Ship next business day! 1 year warranty!

Package Include:
1 pc USB 3.0 HDD docking station, 1 pc charger, 1 pc USB 3.0 Cable, 1 pc install guide

About Anker:
Anker is a trademark of LaptopMate - One of the leading providers of cell phone batteries, laptop batteries, adaptors and other electronic products on Amazon. Anker products are manufactured under highly-skilled process; every piece is tested to ensure high reliability and top performance. LaptopMate stands behind every product and provides excellent customer service. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction.

PLEASE NOTE: The USB 3.0 protocol allows for data transfer speeds up to 5.0 gigabits per second (Gbits/s), or 625 Megabytes per second (MB/s), about ten times faster than the USB 2.0 protocol. In practice, however, the transfer speed depends on your device , computer configuration and system architecture. With the devices on the market at the moment, the transfer speed of USB 3.0 can reach three times faster than that of USB 2.0.

Product Details

  • Brand: Anker
  • Model: AK-68UN35HDD-WSG


  • Supports 2.5" & 3.5" SATA I/II HDDs. Hot Swap. Plug and Play.
  • Docking station connects via SuperSpeed USB 3.0 (10x faster than speed of USB 2.0).
  • Slide bare SATA drives into docking station with no wires to connect.
  • Fast installing SATA hard disk without any drive.
  • Anker is a trademark of LaptopMate. To ensure quality products, buy only from LaptopMate.
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*Dancing with The Stars* 2012 Cast

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ABC’s completely new Dancing using the Stars Toss lineup this season is powerful! 2012 television will be exciting as a result of this great list of celebrities which is to be dancing on this years biggest winter months hit!
  • Courtney Cox is hot on Cougar town. Now she will be dancing with the stars as well! I love friends!!!
  • Elle Macpherson is best known as a super model but is also an actress and entrepreneur. Elle also hosts the Britain version of Next Top Model. Guess she can now add something else to her huge list of accomplishments.
  • Tina Fey from SNL and 30 rock will be gracing us with her skills on the dance floor this 2012. Hope she is as good at dancing as she is at making me laugh.
  • Cheryl Ann Cole is an English songwriter, dancer, model, singer, etc… She is the ‘bees knees’ from what I gather.
  • Vince Vaughn is so cute and is a great actor. I am excited to see him move more than his lips.
  • Rob Lowe can look confident smiling. But can he look confident smiling and dance at the same time? We will see. I have problems chewing gum and walking. I can’t imagine the pressure on these celebs.
  • .hack//Quantum: Complete OVA Series (Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

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    Price: $26.99
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    Product Details

    • Amazon Sales Rank: #23960 in DVD
    • Released on: 2012-02-14
    • Rating: Unrated
    • Aspect ratio: 1.77:1
    • Number of discs: 2
    • Formats: Animated, DVD, Widescreen
    • Original language: Japanese
    • Subtitled in: English
    • Dubbed in: English
    • Running time: 75 minutes
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    iCarly 11 Sam Doll Special Edition "I Quit iCarly" "

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    Price: $23.99
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    Product Description

    iCarly Sam Doll

    Product Details

    • Amazon Sales Rank: #16520 in Toys & Games
    • Brand: Nickelodeon
    • Dimensions: .82 pounds


    • Feature 11" Sam Doll Special Edition from Sam starring in "iQuit iCarly
    • Hair & Fasions from Planet Purpleonia
    • Bonus code inside unlocks special item in New iCarly Wii & DS Game Ages 6+
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